Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Cell Phone

I need a new cell phone. Ok, maybe NEED is too strong a word. The cell I have now works but it's two years old and let's face it, in the world of electronics, that's like.. umm.. well, I can't do the math but - it's old! It's a Blackberry Pearl. I got it two years ago when I was on vacation at the Mall of America. It was everythign I wanted and needed at the time but with all the bells and whistles out there now - well... I NEED a new phone - see what I mean?!

I'm texting a lot more now and this "Crackberry" doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard. What a Pain In The Ass! It's supposed to have an auto-correct, where it "intelligently guesses" the word you're trying to text, you know - to speed up the process. Yeahh.. not so much.

I press g o o d and it gives me "hoof". I ask - which word is more common and makes more sense, good or hoof? I press h e y and it says "get". I can never type "I" - it always comes out at a "U". I'd love to know what the hell language the creator of this auto-correct dictionary speaks cuz it sure as hell ain't English!

I want to stay with T-Mobile because I like my phone number and it's a hassle to change it. I'd have to contact all the guys that never call me anyway and give them my new number in case they decided they want to call me - you know - ust to be safe.

So finding a T-Mobile phone with all the bells and whistles hasn't been easy. The ones I see in Target or Walmart are boring. They don't have any flash or panache to them. I'm not opposed to going to an actual T-Mobile store but I'm not crazy about the locations they're in. I could buy something online but you know how that goes. You're never sure what you're going to get. I'd prefer to have the phone in my hot little hands so I can play with the buttons and stand in the aisle of the store holding the phone to my head pretending like I'm making a call so I can measure how cool I feel with my new phone, you know? lol!

And btw, I'm always accepting donations for things like new phones!! LOL!

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