Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dumb Again!

Apparently, I should have named this blog "How dumb am I?" or something equivalent!

So... I like eggs. Yesterday I wanted egg salad with my Dunkin Donuts Cheddar Cheese Bagel Twist (YUMMM!!) I saved from the morning. I remembered reading in the Food Network Magazine that the best way to boil the perfect egg was to put the eggs into boiling water, remove them from the heat and let them sit for 8 minutes. Or something like that. So I decide I'm going to try this "fool proof" method. Apparently, it is NOT fool proof!

First of all, I wasn't thinking about how the water would be BOILING hot so when I put the eggs into the water I wasn't able to "gently lower" them without burning my fingers so I sorta "dropped" them and two of four of them cracked enough for egg white to bubble out of the egg but then because of the boiling water, the white congealed to the egg itself. Kinda gross and cool at the same time! But still - cracked eggs!

Also, I'm not one of these people that happens to keep eggs at room temperature. I don't think I know anyone that does. But recipes often call for room temp eggs - hmm...? With the water at a rolling boil I put my VERY cold eggs in - which of course took the water temp down too far. Duh!

I let my four eggs sit in the water for about 20 minutes, not caring if they were overcooked since I was gonna mash them to smithereens in my egg salad anyway. And here's the big surprise - they were barely soft boiled!!! :-(

No egg salad for me... Yeah - I'm kinda dumb... LOL! But the cats enjoyed their runny egg! LOL!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A poopy thanks

Did you ever think that someone would wave a bag of poop at you and you'd simply nod back instead of being pissed off?? LOL!

The other day a woman was walking her dog and I stopped to let her cross the street in front of me. She lifted her arm/hand to give the recognized "Thank You wave" and I realized she was holding a bag of poop in that hand!! LOL! What is this world coming to? That some woman THANKS me by waving poop in my face and I actually SMILE at her and nod... We're a very weird people...

How Dumb Am I?

Pretty dumb, actually.
I have a website that I pay a monthly fee for yet I create a blog here on a free site because I can't figure out how to fix my damn site! It was hijacked by some nasty bastids but I'm clueless about anything to do with fixing it. (I think I just repeated myself - but whatever! lol).

So here I am, adding my 2 cents to the web.

I just watched several episodes of "Pawn Stars" and I really liked it - yeah yeah, I know - I'm late to the party on this one but what can I say? My TV schedule is very busy.

So this "Pawn Stars" show is like a "modern day" Antiques Roadshow. It's so interesting to see people bring in these items, learn about them and see what they'll get for them. One particular thing pissed me off though was that they paid this one guy $100 for an old Coke case and it turned out to be worth TONS more than that! Poor bastid - he shoulda kept it... Another guy had a really old underwater helmet thingy (I'm so technical!) and the specialist they called in to authenticate and value it said it was worth about $15k. They only gave the guy 8k for it though - not right, I tell ya... just not right.

Time for the Amazing Race!